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AI Use Cases Development Expertise

What problem are we solving and Why?

We examine every customer touch-point to uncover the critical drivers of customer relationships to predict customer and revenue growth opportunities; we predict opportunities for driving customer life-time value and better experience with every customer interaction; We look for patterns in data from various angles to identify hidden weaknesses, trends and/or opportunities.

How are we solving?

The new level of “Operational Excellence” is crucial to remaining competitive, meeting rising customer expectations, expanding markets, and digitalization. We apply deep diagnostic and predictive insights to uncover operational challenges and maximize your ability to adapt to changing market conditions and remain competitive.

We bring diversified approaches and use data science to conduct deep research, predict and recommend right areas to invest and focus to achieve full growth potential.

Our Approach for Identifying Business Use Cases

Developing Business Use Case

Finding Business Opportunities and Delivering Incremental value Immediately

Business Case

What problem are we solving?

Business Goal

Why are we solving the problem?

Analytical Solution

How are we solving the problem?


What value does it deliver?

What Value does it deliver?

QuaXigma offers a service to build and configure AI studio in Azure or AWS using only cloud native services without any third-party tools. There is no need to look for a different solution for AI platform, while AI can be integrated seamlessly with your current cloud solutions on AWS or Azure. You own this platform and further could customize it. You can pick and choose the components best suited for your AI use cases at your own pace without having to pay for unwanted features as a whole package from day one.

QuaXigma AI platform is cost optimized. Most services are charged by usage, so pay only when you need it. The platform can be made ready in just a few days and solution can be quickly deployed to show the business impact. This greatly accelerates delivery and reduces the complexities of developing enterprise-scale AI applications.

Our Step-by-Step Approach for driving business value with Data+AI

Business Goals

Evaluate current business, determine strategic business goals, and discover where and how data analytics can drive top and bottom-line results

Assess Current State

Assess the current state of data maturity, AI solutions, and platform capabilities and define solutions needed to support business goals.

Develop Roadmap

Develop Data Analytics Roadmap to maximize the business opportunities to drive the growth.


Build analytical solutions using scrum methodology to drive business transformation and achieve defined business outcomes

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