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Traffic Prediction

Store Traffic Prediction

Our store traffic application enables a retailer to understand historical and predicted store traffic and conversion implications by hour by day at the store and enterprise-level to adjust operations. Also, our user interface provides detailed store sales insights. In testing, the accuracy of predicting store traffic and conversion rates has proven to be highly accurate. Alerts can be generated to inform store managers of important changes. As well, we can integrate into labor planning tools and Apps.

  • To align staff hours against predicted traffic to improve conversion and labor productivity.
  • To schedule staff activities based on predicted traffic and enhance the customer experience.

Labor Optimization

  • Adjust mass media marketing based on predicted traffic and gauge its impact.
  • Set promotional activities based on predicted traffic.


Financial Planning & Forecasting

  • Continuous updates of predicted traffic and conversion rates (indicators of revenue) to enable rapid adjustments, such as an increase in promotions.
  • Store traffic, conversion, and other real-time and predicted performance measures.

Operational Optimization

  • Schedule the timing of merchandise deliveries based on predicated traffic.
  • Adjust store inventory as traffic demand indicates.