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Customer Retention

Customer Retention

It has been estimated that retaining existing customers is 5 to 20 times more cost effective than acquiring new ones. Early identification of at-risk customers is an effective way to maintain customer loyalty, increase revenue, and reduce customer churn. Our Customer Retention solution uses data mining and predictive analytical models to predict customers with a high likelihood to churn/defect, as well as identify high value customers. These models analyze personal and behavioral customer data to determine those that can benefit from tailored customer-centric marketing campaigns.

Unlike complex and expensive CRM software, Our Customer Retention solution is an easy to deploy app. Our product isolates both at risk and high-value customers. Functions include:

  • Isolate product and spending patterns of at-risk and high-value customers to inform marketing decisions.
  • Analyzes customer order values and purchase frequency.
  • Predicts customer probability of purchasing/spending more or less than optimal.